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Questions fréquemment posées

Nous croyons en la croissance et pouvons livrer pour vous

  • What makes Upthriving different?
    Along with the typical startup advisory services provided, Upthriving will build a startup growth team complement to your startup team with the core focus on revenue generation. This eliminates administrative work associated with training and hiring while building a team with years of experience helping startups with marketing your product while your startup team focuses on product development.
  • Why should we hire Upthriving when we can do it ourselves?
    Startup is all about speed and execution. Upthriving will give you the speed to get up and running faster, and execute while avoiding the pitfalls of expensive tests from past experiences. Upthriving specializes in the realm of startup revenue growth.
  • Your service is too expensive for me!
    Upthriving's service is completely free for you until you see results. Our team members all consist of experienced hires who'll share there knowledge and execute projects for you with the highest ROI.
  • I'm thinking of going with someone else..
    Upthriving's startup service is risk free and has been involved in 2 startup exits, conducted 100+ marketing campaigns, generated $500M+ revenue creation, has a network of founders and investors, a team with combined experience of 30+ years, and has proven to deliver on profit margin improvements.
  • How does Upthriving make money?
    Upthriving collects a pay for performance fee and/or an equity share. That way, when the startup makes money, we make money.
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