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How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest has grown rapidly in recent years with over 450 million monthly active users, it has become a popular destination for brands looking to reach a new audience. One of the key advantages of Pinterest is that it is a visual platform, making it ideal for businesses in the lifestyle, home decor, and fashion industries.

Factors Affecting Pinterest Cost

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are Pinterest's primary ad format. They work like regular pins, but you pay to have them shown to a larger audience. The cost of Promoted Pins varies depending on the bidding system that Pinterest uses. Advertisers bid on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, which means you pay for every 1,000 times your ad is shown. The average cost per click (CPC) on Pinterest is around $0.50 - $2.00, while the average CPM is around $5 - $10.

Targeting Options

Pinterest offers a range of targeting options to help you reach your desired audience. These include interests, keywords, demographics, and location. The more specific your targeting options, the higher the cost of your campaign is likely to be. For example, if you're targeting a niche audience, such as vegan food lovers, you may need to bid more to ensure your ads are shown to that audience.

Ad Format

Pinterest offers a range of ad formats, including standard Promoted Pins, Carousel Pins, Video Pins, and App Install Pins. The cost of each ad format varies, with Video Pins and App Install Pins generally being more expensive than standard Promoted Pins.

Campaign Goals

Your campaign goals will also affect the cost of advertising on Pinterest. If you're looking to drive website traffic, you may need to bid more than if you're just looking to increase brand awareness.

Hire a Pinterest Marketing Expert

The cost of advertising on Pinterest can vary widely depending on your budget, your target audience, and your campaign goals. However, with a little research and planning, Pinterest can be a cost-effective advertising platform for businesses looking to reach a new audience. is a full service marketing growth service for businesses looking to scale, achieve profitability and accomplish goals. We have a proven track record of growth and successful exit of 2 startups. We have launched 100+ marketing campaigns across social, search, SEO, programmatic, affiliate, mobile/app, video and emerging channels.

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