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How Does Social and Display Advertising Impact Traffic?

I'm often asked how the influence of one channel affects the metrics of another channel. I've recently had the opportunity to test this across channels and here's what I found.

We've recently gotten some press and I wasn't impressed with the performance of our existing ads on Facebook. Compared to search, our Social ROAS was dramatically lower and needed to find the secret sauce to making this a working channel. With the amount of levers Facebook gives, I tweaked and tweaked various messaging, audience targeting and display ad units but none of them had a significant positive impact.

At the end, I found the answer - video ads on Facebook! It differentiates from our competitors and there's a higher barrier of entry to create the content. But the missing piece of the puzzle was that I also found a lift in our direct traffic which wasn't being attributed.

1st Week - Turned on Social and saw slight increase in Direct visitors

Moz 1st Week

2nd Week - With Social continued to be on, there was an consistent increase in Direct visitors

Moz 2nd Week

3rd Week - Turned off Social and saw decline in Direct visits

Moz 3rd Week

In conclusion, the social channel has a strong impact on the percentage lift in direct site traffic and should be considered when considering ROAS. From what this test shows, ~50% of the clicks from Social was unattributed to the social channel and contributed to a lift in Direct traffic.

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