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Top 15 Things to Do to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Site

Generating content is the best way to gain traffic however there are times when it's time for you to monetize or grow certain goals that you have for yourself on your site. Here are the top things to hit those goals with the traffic that you already have.

1. Offer free/discounts as an attractive way for visitors to try your product or service before committing.


2. Review the type of visitor intent coming to your site and generate keywords on your page that matches closely with that intent. An easy way to do this is to use the google auto-suggest for ideas on how to generate the most common intent that users search for.

3. Incorporate reviews or testimonials into your site, people like to do business with people that they trust.

4. Incorporate designations such as accreditation like BBB, or list certifications (CPA) and degrees (MBA, PhD, MD) to prove you're a legitimate business and individual.

5. Have legal terms of service to tell visitors of data privacy and that you’re in compliance with guidelines.

6. Up-selling or showing related items on the page will improve your opportunity for a conversion. For retail, if you’re selling socks, maybe you can also sell shoes. For lead gen, if you’re selling a home, do they also need to buy a home?

7. Tie in to seasonal or topical events like holidays or summer of savings.

8. Have a FAQ ready for anticipation of commonly asked questions visiting your site.


9. Change the color of the call to action to orange or red, a color that draws attention.

10. Reduce the number of steps to get a conversion, if it only takes 1 step for a form to be filled out, it is always better than having 3 steps. It is studied that each additional step results in conversion rate drops.

11. Change the theme of your site to incorporate the typical demographics of your user, traditional vs modern look. For example, green for environmentally friendly non-profit.

12. Keep it simple and highlight the 3 most important aspects of your product.

13. Set up expectations ahead of time, visitors don’t like surprises. For retail, calculate the like price including tax & shipping, delivery times, return policy, warranty. For lead gen, when a return call or contact will be made out to you after filling out the form.

14. Put the most important call to action goals that you have a close to the top of the site. First impressions count and most visitors do not scroll down. By having it at the top, it's the first thing a visitor sees and will give you the highest chance of conversion.

15. Put call to action buttons near important talking points on your site.

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