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Why Do Companies Incorporate in Delaware?

When starting a company in the United States, one of the first decisions that founders need to make is where to incorporate. While there are many states to choose from, Delaware has become a popular choice for many startups, especially those seeking venture capital funding. In this article, we'll explore why companies incorporate in Delaware and the benefits of doing so.

Business Friendly

One of the main reasons why companies choose to incorporate in Delaware is because the state has a business-friendly legal system. Delaware has a well-established body of corporate law that is flexible and provides a high degree of protection to businesses and their owners. The Delaware Court of Chancery is a specialized court that handles business disputes, and it has a reputation for being efficient and business-friendly. The court's decisions are also highly respected by judges in other states, which can be beneficial if a company operates in multiple jurisdictions.

Low Tax

Another reason why Delaware is a popular choice for incorporation is that the state has a low tax burden. Delaware does not have a sales tax, and its corporate income tax is relatively low. Additionally, Delaware does not impose a personal income tax on non-residents, which can be attractive to founders who may not live in the state.

High Privacy

Delaware also offers a high level of privacy for companies. The state does not require companies to disclose the names of their directors or officers in their public filings, which can be important for companies that want to keep their leadership team private. Delaware also has a fast and efficient filing system, which allows companies to quickly and easily file their paperwork and get their businesses up and running.

Easier to Raise Capital

Incorporating in Delaware can make it easier for companies to raise capital. Many venture capitalists prefer to invest in Delaware corporations because of the state's well-established legal system and the predictability of Delaware law. Additionally, Delaware law allows companies to issue preferred stock with certain rights and preferences that can make it easier to attract investors.

Hire a Startup Advisor

There are many reasons why companies choose to incorporate in Delaware. The state's business-friendly legal system, low tax burden, high level of privacy, fast and efficient filing system, and reputation for predictability and stability make it an attractive choice for many startups. If you are considering incorporating your company, it's worth considering Delaware as a possible location.

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